Friday, June 20, 2014

Woolsey Heights presents Alan Bernheimer, Jean Day, Jason Morris, February 15, 2014

I don't follow football but I'm curious.
You will always be the object/subject.
Never felt inherited desperation.
Everything becomes so likeness.
Life is a trigger warning.
I will hurt for you.
Polyphony in all the right places.
Are you really a doctor?
Have you been crying?
anthropomorphic bowing
steel-cut edge
shirt mea terra
in the blue veins of a dry
chirp unheard
I found myself
of touch they are
wheels wheel
don’t belong on the map.
One Ravel.
Copying is hoard and
attention to sky
tendon could survive
her late crown
on primitive nouns
by prior arrangement
how to work the clock
copulations of extra pairs
to my facilities
but not apposite
everything begins with -re
watching others read
no time in man years
Has anyone seen Hermes?
And after that it is all open water
woman who cannot discern when she is loved
Yul the second
undiscovers solitude.
the unironic vocative
“you can do the ragged thing well”

“You can tell its fashion because its unzipped.”

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