Thursday, June 26, 2014

Quiet Lightning Book Launch: Zack Haber + Tupelo Hassman, Amy Berkowitz, Carrie Hunter, Stephen D. Gutierrez, Dan Sanders and Stella Peach music April 7, 2014

The violin’s vibrato the fire in the street
The musician doubles
Only the i’s lowercased
The line of smoke you shouldn’t walk through.
Wanting to tell a lie but being prevented.

blind apple freeze hole patch
sugar so as to ruin it.

The mountains don’t care 
The aperture the deluge
The body briefly lent
Rain comes from where I come from — Lindsey Boldt
Ears of the tree
Lets all do Turners like Christ or Nat Turner
As if the market had a heart

Mayhem & hilarity
I’m just giving you a bad time but go on.
As I’ve been told, I’m easy to talk to.
If I’m talking to you I’m going to pay attention to you.
The woman is physically extremely stoic.

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