Saturday, April 08, 2006

Part II of Eurydice by H.D.


Here only flame upon flame
and black among the red sparks,
streaks of black and light
grown colorless

why did you turn back,
that hell should be reinhabited
of myself thus
swept into nothingness?

why did you turn back?
why did you glance back?
why did you hesitate for that moment?
why did you bend your face
caught with the flame of the upper earth,
above my face?

what was it that crossed my face
with the light from yours
and your glance?
what was it you saw in my face?
the light of your own face,
the fire of your own presence?

what had my face to offer
but reflex of the earth,
hyacinth colour
caught from the raw fissure in the rock
where the light struck,
and the colour of azure crocuses,
and the bright surface of gold crocuses
and of the wind-flower,
swift in its veins as lightning
and as white.
When you are in dreamtime nothing happens and nothing that does happen, matters.

So all oracle is true.

When you have awoken, though, no oracle is true, because truth is changeable from moment to moment.

When sleeping all oracle is simply directing you to awaken (not awaken as in epiphany, but to awaken as in attainment of place)

Once you have arrived, there is no need for oracle. You are already here and must abandon prediction for the now which is unpredictable and utterly dangerous

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Had another vision this morning, meditation and bad eyesight work wonders for vision procurement! And I reorganized my furniture this weekend, so everything has different shapes. I woke up and was looking around without my glasses on and I saw an image of an ancient Greek athlete, complete with helmet, (did they wear helmets? Maybe if they were on horses?) and relay baton. He was holding it out, it almost looks like he was pointing, but I think he was holding his baton out towards the next runner maybe. I interpreted it as it is time to go back to yoga which I have been unable to do due to a back injury. I think I am mostly healed now and it is time to go back. Unless it was a warrior not an athlete, holding a sword out in front of him, which may mean it is time to go back out there and fight with the world, my hermitage is over. Or, as it was my day off today, it was telling me to get off my rump and go be active, which I didn't really do, but I feel like it is ok, I did my taxes, wrote half a poem, watched a movie, and walked Ginger to and from the groomers, and read some of the Olney book on Yeats and Jung outside of Starbucks (moisture=death), while I let Ginger rest.