Monday, April 30, 2012

Napowrimo Day 30

From banking to baking.
Existence's evidence's light
with no known light source.

Not having seen balloons today.
Everything is potentially hippie.
"To-day." The mind-stuffs in flux.

Kierkegaard and the concept of dread.
Lew Welch's study of Gertrude Stein.
Robert Duncan's hustling.

How the present is present.

a list

Napowrimo Day 29

After buying Chinese herbs on ebay,
everyone buys oil paintings.

Visarga of me.

The product you make
while pretending to enjoy
just being in process.

How the nervous
can hurt those without

Lists just accumulating.
Reading A Void as avoid.
To just get rid of errands.

Taking a picture of my oven.
Printing out the picture of my oven.
Emailing Zack the picture of my oven.
Here is the picture of my oven.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Napowrimo Day 28

Learning to not say mundane
things when I'm thinking
deep things.

Contradictory events.
Etymological seduction attempt.
How what you settle for
is what you really want.

The loose tube top. Flouncy.
Nobody hates the park.
"It's a spliff."

The soundtrack to the spectacle.
With beads hanging off.
The only ones who won't hurt me
are those I don't love.

Anything I could list out now
would not be as great as
that woman's ass in the magenta

Unable to find her again after
writing that sentence.

The point where everything
starts to go. I don't remember
writing this. We think he's a baker.

"When I get drunk I always start talking about horses."

Friday, April 27, 2012

Napowrimo Day 27

Attempting a neutral mind-set.
Finding the right lyrics site.
The italical ending
                 or an other one.
Unable to scroll.

How irritation is hormonal.
How we should just stay sleeping.

The other voice's interception.
Colors as a verb.
The unattributed pause.

This ordeal is almost over
and when it continues
I want to know what to do
with it like I always never

Every cycle a sequence.

I don't like the pain
because I like the pain,
I like the pain because
of what I will get out
of it later.

Giving a better ending.
"Regressed to the point of infinity."

jumping [the] guns

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Napowrimo Day 26

If awareness ends seeking.
This will be the official list.
The atheist's ire. Wanting
to not eat and just do.Not
sure if I said the wrong thing
or not. Inability to relax.

I will tell her
my energy levels are perfectly
aligned but my neck hurts.

I dreamed about something fake.

That my intellectual pursuits
are a metaphor for transvestism.

Waiting for the part
that's coming
but that's been
cut out of the remix.

My own body odor an exotics.

I didn't mean to make a list.
How being healthy is an isolating act.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Napowrimo Day 25

Who is the night, as a completely rational question.
Edit becomes Exit becomes Exist.
The day passed and I went with it.

Someone noticed I was dressed up.
I didn't say why.
I held the door for one of those men
that don't usually notice me
and I remembered my dream
until the radio came on.

Is there a way to eat chocolate
and not eat chocolate.

It is a super weird trick you are doing.
I don't know this one.

My own inconsistencies.

The problem of sex
is not a problem of sex
per se and not a problem
of thinking about sex, it is
the problem of how to get it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Napowrimo Day 24

Life is intermediary, always.
A constant indeterminacy.
Becoming less and less intelligible
as time goes on.

Making every excuse except
the real excuse.

Eating fried apple turnovers
while trying to get away
from the ghost of you
who I guess is you.

There is no longer anything hanging off the seat.
"I'm not the one."

Making lists doesn't help
if the only thing you have time
to do is make lists.

I don't know why I have this famous reputation.
She cuts her hair short in order to wear barrettes.

In this particular time zone situation.
Conceptual reading.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Napowrimo Day 23

Not that I'm dreaming in Sanskrit
already. But kutra kutra kutra!
In between the I believe
and the I don't believe.

The gong cellphone tone.
Bus metaphor.
I will take anything in a pink box.

Wondering if the assignment is worthy.
Shouting into the anti-breath.

Why are you waiting. Verte.

What hurts from misuse.
"Rip" in the fog-rain, waking
up saying Thank you Thank you
Thank you over and over

to the empty air.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Napowrimo Day 22

Not only am I your charioteer,

Is it because I'm reading
about Dada, that I do something
so inane, something slightly immoral,
and for no apparent reason whatsoever.

The Heidegger girls, like the Vivian girls.

The time I befriended the cool girl's
nerdy sister to get in with the cool
crowd, and it worked, but both of them
mad at me afterwards, and me a nerd
ever since.

The austerity of yogurt with fruit not at the bottom.

Hearing the guy in the subway
playing Knocking on Heaven's
Door and then ever since having
it repeating in my head concurrently
with a Smashing Pumpkins song. The one
with the pretty bells.

The mystery of the future is not
something I can feel in my body.

but I also am Krishna.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Napowrimo Day 21

What I missed from three years ago.
The poem leads me astray. Or
The poem leads me away from what
Has led me astray. My new subject
Matter. Hugging the waitress. After
What's killing us had killed us,
We are free. Need more ab work.
Three days out of they year when I don't
Need to wear pants. Remember to take
Your chai tea home with you before
You get fired. When I had hope I had
All my art postcards. With me. The shroud
And why I kept rolling on pins. The way
You are deluding your self about the flute.

Napowrimo Day 20

Resistant to what I have to do,
having done so much already.

Wheel turning, in the interim.

The attention and the notice.

If I dreamt I was doing back flips
in the air. Like an unread book.

Triad of false wisdom.

Winter's fade/
summer's glare.

Linking what you've told me
with what you've done.

I have no complaint,
but whispers irritate me.

The red drink's healing properties.

I did not nap; that kind of hangover.

The negation unsaid.

Not dressing casual on Fridays.

Driving alone's connotation.

In a stable, in a cubicle.
At least we are allowed to wander around.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Napowrimo Day 19

"Because I had spent a large portion of my life blocking out my surroundings" - Avital Raz

I secrete secrets onto the floor in a language you cannot read.

Capable of instant adjustments.

Escape is an isolation.

When you really look at what you fear, does it disappear?

Thankfully lost.

A lot going on behind me that I'm blocking out.

Turning off the sound but not the music.

Blending together my inside and my outside.

Whenever the shout comes.

The good scenery and the bad.

Waiting on the winkless watered down, calls quietly.

In the other windowless room.

If the problem of loneliness is resolved
when you come into communion with it.

Listening and not hearing.
Laughing in the hum.

Wakeful this time, I've slept enough now.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Napowrimo Day 18


One half of the mix I thought would
save me, playing, while we are approaching.


Everything understood.
Too much looking down.

The measurement of language.
The liberality of order.
Elizabethan dreaming.

Riding with my head back the whole way instead of forwards.

Before the sky.
Too bad I wasted that.

Accidentally halving everything.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Napowrimo Day 17

Cornflower blue
checkerboard kitchen
window curtains.
"I'm not finished yet."

The ________ key without.

Rape dream while the mother is talking
on her cell phone, oblivious
of the green grass, the blue sky.

Every part of me rising upward.

I am such a dreamer
in my fabulous tax-day fashion.
Black and purple.

If you write
cute little notes
to the taxman. Say Sara
says hi.

The fog hovering.

Completely injured.
But I know the solution.

Better halved.
Locust locomotos. Whether it is
peace or sloth that sits waiting
in the ocean. Not waving.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Napowrimo Day 16

The clock on the wall is only
a memory. Things aren't where
they used to be. Things that are
no longer where they used to be
are no longer.

It is
not necessary
to be
in this much

Remembered the codeine
pills, but forgot
my oatmeal. The Valerian
tea seems to be stinking
up the entire train.

The recipe for forgetting.
Laughing at incendiary.
Setting fire.

What used to make me so nervous now
just relaxes me.

I don't think you're real.

Is this the end or the beginning.
Is this the end of the beginning.

In between the RV trailer
and the playing field. I
always forget.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Napowrimo Day 15

Today is not tax day.
I refuse single-use
vicodin vicodin vicodin
in order to quit chocolate.

Tagged laundry room door.
Rolling on the foam roller.
Waking to the phone, talking
without lifting my head. Green
pomade. Should I use it for this
or should I use it for that. Having

appropriated from the mainstream
—it does not notice what we have
evaporated from it. At 4:00 I will
eat a second lunch.

                           Later, at epiphanies
my neck will no longer hurt, when
I've gotten you off it. The fly
buzzing around me intoxicated I
cannot move, but flinch

in my stillness.

Napowrimo Day 14

When you stopped dreaming it was because
you had dreamed everything.

The ancestry password I can never remember.

If I ever think about slitting my wrists anymore,
it is just fleeting.

Back on the right path.
Needing to rest.

Instructions to keep doing more things
so that you can finally finish.

The broken appliances, on roller skates, sitting
next to her.

Trying to remember what I was thinking
by remembering where I was when I thought it.

Trying not to want what I want because
I never get what I want.

How the memory of something is both transitory
and completely tangible.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Napowrimo Day 13

Another words.

Crossing out time tables.

Cookie Monster eats vegetables now.

                                                       penalty applies

I only like them yellow.

When I get my will power back.


Wait for the next cycle.

Something is rolling towards me.

Got out of that one.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Napowrimo Day 12

This blue dread. The previous
image overlaid over the present.
The dreams we do not follow.
Whether the destruction of non-
existence is more non-existence
or less.

Too textual to match. The pillow-
rain. Nothing but mugshots and a weird
sweating. The children in the back-
ground. Falling asleep until my book
falls. Simplicity's difficulty.

What I want when I'm asleep.
The difficulty of movement.
Sometimes somebody. The dreams
reddened into fog. Choosing
the untextual. Waking my
ambience, not my ambivalence. Auto-

graphic lumen, and what is about to fall
off of me, laden. Matching my bookmark
to my shirt. When yes is a no is a no
is a yes. My subject matter fading. Your
alluring agency.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Napowrimo Day 11

Liking what I didn't like before.
The train smelling like mold
in the rain. How can they just
close up a whole side like that?
Not sure if we changed tracks yet
or not. Faith in the invisible.

Dream of a really old abandoned
pickup truck. And you are fixing
something, tools
are everywhere.

Throwing food at the barking
dogs. The food is not really food.
Blown-up air balloons resembling food.

Missed a lot, listening.
Missing what overlaps.
Flashes of colorwheels.

Lacking the status to appropriate.
How end times' ending ends. Lie
to me. Fighting the matriarchal

Napowrimo Day 10

"You can remember someone many times but you can forget them only once." --Tan Lin

My darkness running out.
Loving the two. Like land. Like torn
knickers. Like lintels.

Where are the waves.
The invisible hand pushing
and falling down the stairs
in the dark. The park

I could never find. A totem
for the present. Less represented
on the map than you. Disbelieving
the offer of help. Our souls
torn out of us. The pretension
of family that is not family
at all.

Trying to find what I've missed
but not finding anything. Unable
to remember what I've forgotten.

The bottom step.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Napowrimo Day 9

Destroyed my red coat.

Satisfied at what I was trying
to do, but now I have to do
it in inverse. Instead of wanting
one, now I want everything.
Found her in the un-park
unflying an unkite with her
undog. An unher. Later
after coffee, cigarettes, chocolate
we hear what they are saying
in the remix, overdubbed. Un-
transcribable agreement of opposites.

It is that sound that I want.

Moving every part of me that I
never loved. In the quiet parts
what I hear in the other distance.
The fears of youth, my favorite
disappointment. Dunes, wrapped
up in.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Napowrimo Day 8

I think maybe I lost a day. Sub-
scribing to the innermost marrow.
You know that I know that I know
that you know. I know that you know
that you know that I know. Bliss.
Stoicly breathing. Spicy tuna.
"Play"'s slideshow. For everyone

and to everyone. What I can't get
to because I've covered it up. All
the dirt comes off so easily, just
like in the dream. Painting over
graffiti. The unicorn outside my
window. Overdoing it for a future
underdoing it. Anuloma Viloma,
Anuloma Viloma, Anuloma Viloma,

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Napowrimo Day 7

The formal command.
Having run out of ink.
Finally reading something
I don't understand that I
understand. 8 ways to share
mixtapes. Having dyed my hair
dark, I wonder if I should dye
it darker. Cringy memories, how
do I get out of here. Seven hands
and you are on your own. Having
processed everything into perfection.
The vision I once had of the language I
couldn't read, learning it now.
Everyone has to be so cool and
everything is illegal.

Napowrimo Day 6

"Of things I'd rather keep
in silence I must sing"
(The Countess of Dia).

The old man my mentor
pointing out the Hershey's
Syrup in the bookshelf.
There is no fence.
The sink is clean.
My avatar is in a bikini.
All the complaints come to naught.
The fish swims away.

Lemon candy, or that which
we'd rather not come to,
but take when offered.

Download everything and then ignore it.
Trying to destroy my SD card.
Walking away and not towards.
Venus Lock.
Having come to our opposite edges,
duplicity is seen to be truth.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Napowrimo Day 5

At least I'm backwards
but I don't have white sunglasses
and am not sitting alone.
Friends talking to each other
across the aisle.

The angel's progress.

Fantasizing about practicing
my Sanskrit script. Using
my nasal spray instead. Sleeping
instead. Listening to music
instead. But this is why
I never get sick any more.

All my messages meant for machines.

I am only worthy of getting what I want
if I can perform magic.

Napowrimo Day 4

The terror of time in all
the dreams I remember. How
seeing something is true frees you
from that thing. Waiting to see what will
happen with only a slight expectation.
The train's gravity.

Seems like its the half way point
but its really the two-thirds of the way point.
Forwarding to the song I like while
my music is on random. If a pulsing,
surrounding, repeating sound
could be translated into text. Curtains.
The ridiculousness of that one thing.
And what about the fade.

The point where the train
brakes hard tricking you into
thinking you are almost there. If the end
to sweetness would allow it to continue
in such a way that we'd not have the sweetness
in our hearts scaring us so much. The
simultaneity of hurt feelings.

Not what I want to talk about.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Napowrimo Day 3

Limitless spellbound redemption.
In the doorless car.
Having been flapped on the head
with a pigeon wing. Not what
is about to be carried away so much
as what must I get out of the way of.
For. From. How scarcity makes you hungry.
How sparcity makes you horny.
Because I kind of knew this before.
I'm not sure the present circumstances
are the exact cause. Is life an always
looking for something new I don't know
about? Everything falling towards me
because of the way it is placed.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Napowrimo Day 2

Yesterday's unknown.
Yesterday's angel
lost in the rocks
at the sea, but also
                           to always
be found there. Time is
what was. I don't know
what is.

                          That which
is hidden and that
which knows. Vs. That
which is that which
one would rather not be.
But it is that that is
in the what is. And so is
is in the acceptance of
the that, that one would
rather not be, working with
it, that it can become
that which one wishes. Bi-


Sunday, April 01, 2012

Napowrimo Day 1

"You need to direct me."
Pictures of Amy and Oakland Bart.
When the water frightens me
because of all the disorder
and walking on land barefoot.
The unknown underneath
me. Beach Poem #1.

I also have Plato. Laura
is taking off her clothes.
She's coming over.
I felt like I ate all the bread
but I only ate some of the bread.
There is sand everywhere
and the wind is freezing.
Why do people like this?

Here comes Yosefa.
She is bundled up she looks cold.
The flirty seagull. I call him a hottie,
he flies away just as the picture
is about to be shot. Commitment phobic.
I think my phone is on roaming.
Beach Poem #1 is probably the only
Beach Poem there is going to be.
"Hey California was settled before the Seventies."
Solitary acts in the presence of a group.