Sunday, July 26, 2009

For those who want more pictures. Hi Dad. Obviously, pre-move, more forthcoming, with stuff, later. Maybe much later.

Not sure why I though going to a yoga class would be invigorating and give me energy for unpacking, cuz now my abs hurt like mad, and my knee hurts, too much with the hurdler pose I think. so I just want to get back in bed!

Took the class here - good class but very yuppie area. Then across the street, lo and behold, was a library! -not the best selection, but I got my new library card. Doesn't seem the Oakland is connected to Link + though, so that is a bit of a quandry. Bookstores here though.

Then I ate here Was "OK," not the best. I'd say 3 and a half stars. I miss Tofu Huarapa Krob, I'll never find that anywhere else. :(

Then I took maybe 3 naps all in a row.

Plan on going here soon. Almost, like next door. Honey ginger coffee?? WOW.

And off to the Temescal Farmer's Market. Hungry. I need food.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The weirdest thing about having quit It's Yoga, I thought I'd miss parsva bakasana, astavakrasana, my almost peacock, but I don't for some reason, the weirdest thing is my ankles are constantly throbbing in disuse pain. I think it was their really long standing on one foot thing: tree, toehold, warrior 3, dinkasana, standing splits, half moon, revolving half moon, arda baddha. I must have had amazing ankle strength and that is what I miss. We seem to do enough vinyasa pushups that my arms don't crave for anything, totally satisfied. Also, happy to not have to attempt to do handstands, and elbow stands which I can't do. It is sort of a relief. Also though, I occasionally feel like I'm losing my bandhas, and they give us much less meditation time at the end, but I've been going home and having a more consistent home meditation practice. And when I'm bored at work I try to engage the bandhas, it is something to do... so. They are also, at the gym, oddly into crescent pose, i don't understand this pose! It's weird that they like it so much but I don't know why. Also, lunges, they like the lunges, and they don't seem to *do* anything.