Sunday, May 01, 2005

New Vision

I was walking into my apartment building and at the top of the stairs in the entryway, for a second I saw a man, black, in shadow, and then he was gone. He was at the inbetween place, a threshold place between the stairs that lead to the foyer and the stairs that lead upstairs to my apartment. Something is being returned, the self is being returned, I am being returned. And for these things to happen there are certain other things that must be gently let go of. I took an Anusara yoga class today and there was a lot of emphasis on gently opening the heart and when you move out of poses to do it gently, emphazing gentleness of movement, slightly connected to the ashtanga flow vibe, let it flow, don't grasp or throw it down! just gently let go of that which you do not need anymore, it doesn't have to be violently or angrily left, but gently, no one gets quite hurt that way.