Saturday, March 21, 2009

Two epiphanies

My first epiphany being (ha!) that the body does not exist. While looking at my nose dristi, where it sort of disappears, yet can still see it also, I realized I seemingly and simultaneously do and do not exist. After this epiphany, where every time I look at my nose, I remind myself that my body does not exist, I realized that strength poses are not about strength, it is an illusion, the trick is to make your body disappear, slowly, sort of. It is through extreme relaxation, simultaneously with using your bandhas to pull everything in, and up, or whatever, and so partially you don't exist, and then you can fly.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Whenever I get very, very quiet, have my eyes closed, meditating and am really in a happy happy place but very quiet and like almost in the void, a song comes up out of that voidy happiness, and that songs seems to be this.

Six Different Ways (2006 Remastered LP Version) - The Cure