Saturday, September 17, 2005

Because I couldn't find it online and it should be here somewhere:

Sonnet LII

It is a human universe: & I
is a correspondent The innocence of childhood
is not genuine it shines forth from the faces
The poem upon the page is as massive as Anne’s thighs
Belly to hot belly we have laid
baffling combustions
are everywhere graying the faces of virgins
aching to be fucked we fondle their snatches
and O, I am afraid! The poem upon the page
will not kneel for everything comes to it
gratuitously like Gertrude Stein to Radcliffe
Gus Cannon to say “I called myself Banjo Joe!”
O wet kisses, death on earth, lovely fucking in the poem
upon the page,
you have kept up with the times, and I am glad!

Ted Berrigan