Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Last week at the dentist I had to beg and beg for some laughing gas. I don't know why they think I don't want it. They always act incredulous. You want it? Do you really? Hello this is SF, I'm sure I am not the only one who wants to get stoned! Very odd. But anyway, while I was high, I was staring at the mobile, why does every doctor's office have a mobile? This one was of boats, and I swear, not just regular boats, but pirate boats, and it started freaking me out that there were pirate boats in a dentist's office, like it is proof that he is evil or something. And then the boats started hitting each other, like slamming into each other, but slamming slowly, because, of course, they were floating. Later, when I came down, I realized they were not pirate boats at all, but sailboats, more appropriate boats definitely, wooden. I don't know why I perceived them as pirate ships. Maybe one's perceptions/ expectations of reality really do color how you perceive things...

And then I was remembering the only other time I distinctly remember a mobile floating in a doctor's office was when I was 15 or so and I had a migraine. The most horrible migraine in the world. I thought I was dying. I didn't go to school and I called my mom crying at the school she taught at. She came home and rushed me to the doctor and I was lying on the bed-thing looking up at the mobile, thinking I was dying and just staring at the floating things. I don't remember what they were of but I remember thinking this would be one of the last things I'd ever see. Then the doctor made us go to a different doctor, a specialist, who didn't have a mobile, but he had this cool thing that shot water up my nose at a very high speed, and as soon as he did that the headache was instantly gone. An allergy migraine. And that's when I started getting into neti pots. Love the water up the nose. That doctor gave me darvocet too, which I wish I had some of now.