Monday, August 25, 2014

Green Arcade Books, Kevin Killian with Brian Blanchfield, Laura Moriarty, George Albon, and Brandon Som. April 11, 7pm,


The I was fore
under the treelike.
It uttered circles.
A megaphoned whisper.
Study of the vanished.
The copula on stilts.
Where the continents slough.
A speech act in the ladles.


Freedom flaps
reducing you to splinters
Kings to Queens.
We're duplicating all the functions you used to.
Some ancestor of K but less Kafkaesque.
All royalist humbug is all it is.
Marnie and the monotheists.
God had been made man.
The other attribute is to mise en scene.


I'm going to start with a poem.
by what was left behind.
     exchanging ong for som
resonator, Sundays, when time told bells.
Li Po translation called Oulipo.
erasure, the song, sung.
Truth bends when you hum.
Trouble the sea for a song.
Stop writing when I start to hear what he's doing with vowels. Insane vowels. Everywhere.
A bridge of magpies.


[For whoso list to hunt, casually]
Oh sigh into winter.
One hitch 7
The beaten path once beaten will meet
interdiction feel
In poetry too we all face forward.
And let stand a syllogism.
Contempt stirring devotion.
This is the shore of the worst thing possible.
We saved the wrong thing.
The bridge ethically dubious documentary.
Crisis apparition.
An Idaho of unstory.


Remember Cody's.
waltz occupy doubt
The first drum circle.
Debt was not a crime.
Autonomy automizes.
Not losing is not winning.
Mughsot or something gold.
Fact as chance.
Reverse allegory.
Watching what continues to decay.
Boardgames appear and must be played to the end.