Thursday, September 27, 2012

Translation of Chinese recitation assignment for tomorrow

I am American, I can speak English, I also can speak a little Chinese. She is my Chinese teacher, my teacher is very good. She is Chinese, she speaks Chinese, she also speaks a little English. By the way, how about you? May I ask, what nationality are you? What language can you speak? Can you speak Chinese?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Suffering because I cannot be all the things I want to be.

I want to read and write poetry nonstop, and all I have time to do is homework.

Some I like a lot. Writing a paper, a critical review of a case study, and somehow, luckily get to incorporate Post-Structuralism into an ESL learning paper! Got so excited about it I got heart palpitations as I pulled out Of Grammatology.

I also want to do intense ashtanga practices 6 days a week. I'm on the every other day track which is OK, but I always lose something on the day off, and so come to every class with an exhaustion in me. Also a pulled hamstring.

I love the idea of learning Chinese, I love when I look at texts and I can recognize some things, but 2-3 hours a day studying it is exhausting, but will be cool after the fact.

Can't make any poetry readings or any of the free school stuff... But would I have been too exhausted to go anyway with the old job and commute?

I thought since this was my third master's I could just breeze through, and when everyone else is stressing I'd have the time to write but doesn't seem that it is the case. Maybe I should take 3 classes instead of 4 next semester...though it will probably be better when I am not taking a language class (though I wanted to continue in a noncredit or non-school affiliated place).

And the stack of library books up to my thigh, mostly theory, criticism, some poetry, a few novels, want to absorb it all, all simultaneously, but time...

Fell asleep in Viparita Karani, and was thinking about the chinese word yidiar,  it is so complicated has four characters, maybe two of those are really one, but it means "a little bit" and the characters are the words for "one" "black" "dot." One of the radicals that is part of one of the characters means "walking man." Laughing to myself in post yoga happiness about "a little bit" equalling "one black dot."

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Structure of English 9/20/12

The emptiness will be filled by the "did."

Any and all kinds of emptinesses are not called a trace,
only a particular kind of emptiness.

Null is created by the movement.

Why do we need displacement?

If an apartment is occupied,
you cannot just move into it.
The guy will be mad at you.

This container is a host
but it is a temporary host,
you cannot stay there forever.

The ability to recognize gaps is a normal activity.

Morning is a container and night is a point.

The book does not move.

Second Language Acquisition 9/19/12


Collocation for quiet.

Islands of reliability.

"Characteristically empty symbols filled with stereotypical content."

                  chocolate, bread, information

                                          perlocutionary force

The five ingredients.

Formulaicity is ubiquitous.

Professor chunking.

binomials, rock and roll, black and white

We aren't original.

The Structure of English 9/18/12

You cannot survive.

The yellow leaf is falling to the ground.

There are various kinds of situations.
Senses give us perceptual states.

The noise is moving.

The yellow leaf is not an agent.

The location is a person.

Love is a very curious mental state.

Would Mary have a mental state?
Not in this sentence.

Fear is a metaphored entity that travels
from one location to another.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Structure of English 9-13-12

We live in the world. 
We are surrounded by journeys. 
There are journeys to nowhere. 
But assume this is a journey to somewhere. 

A fragment of a clause.

“of the” is not a unit.

John thinks that I wonder if he hates me.

This is the cat that killed the rat that ate the cheese that…

Why did language 
this property-
complexity of thought. 

Language reflects our complexity.

If understanding creates anxiety.

What is ruining education in this country are tests.

The fact that we know
that we don’t know
whether or not
Lew Welch is alive.

by land or by sea

rage is a container (she flew into a rage)

We sit in a chair because a chair is a container.

“into” means basically to in, but English speakers invert it.

MATESOL classmate: “My personal life wavelengths are all awry.”

Professor: “I don’t normally laugh at things.”

The door closed. The door is undergoing the action, the door is not the agent of the action.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Notes from The Structure of English class 9-6-12

There is no theory of theory construction.

Theories cannot be built without making an assumption.

There are two ifs.

Everything is a container.

Pronouns are not nouns.

I bullied kids at school in (when would Mitt Romney have been in school?) 1982.

Monday, September 03, 2012

New Work

You can see my name in three new places.



and Flavorwire talking about Metazen (not really about me, but my name is there!)

Thanks Janey.