Monday, June 30, 2014

Poetry Night @ The Yurt February 21, 2014 Angela Hume, Carrie Hunter, Claiborne McDonald, Eric Sneathen, Nich Malone, and Zack Haber


Medicate the withdrawal of history
diffusely social
to make the body more bearable
beyond the canopy's blot
morning's dehiscence

from separate bodies
     we were the limit
where does the bird end
lodged like yesterday's sex.
Like a tear on the skin
     that does not end.
Hooooo-se (who's) estrogen
all the windows clanging shut
I will fidelity
a temporality of the middle is


To each its own deluge
& the pools cannot be reached by air tongues
each to an each
an undecaying house of planks
chili salt body


So fetish yourself
the echoes stiffen
we die and we die
     and the echoes loosen

ES or NM

the reoccupying memories of our bodies
     I realize I can't sleep without a blanket
common property is arousing

NM or ES

and arguing about verb tenses
a mere helix shell

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