Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hearts Desire Reading Series: Ted Rees, Carrie Hunter & Divya Victor March 15, 2014


The animal reconstituting itself

in red neon
a hell we must affirm
in mausoleum savage
forgettable identities
towards the banality of structure
a more palatable invasion.

Turn them off its gross

the rope from hell 
hemoglobin (from?)
shafting byons
glopt skin
liquefaction guarantees
estuarian silt

Further tinkering with downy (widowy) things

The best Sonic Youth member
hermatic pseudo sea
biblically nameless
kelpy pulsations
severing the valley
jaw vibrating allegro
back pats contortion
portends fungus
aromatic rings necessitates
how sharp the shears
and antiquation
delirium sits on my face
unforgiven crystalline rose
the particle conjuries
unicode attempts
(a millay of)
stone and spiderwebs
jism all over my tusk
dihedral cumulous severance


The same week I decided to trim my eyelashes.
A cat because its soft.
You’re kissing the TV again.
Small bay birds.
And then I would eat you.
From now on all your scars will be of your own making.
An attempt to collect all my moles to make a molehill.
As the damp makes them drop to pieces. 

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